shake up!!! shake up!!! (badninja) wrote in air_treck,
shake up!!! shake up!!!

I am soon to be on the Greyhound for a total of 54 hours, orz. I need things to do while I am on the greyhound! So, I am asking both a favour and making an offering to the community.

I am going to write a lot of drabbles while on the bus. Short fics, probably around 500 words each. I want as many to write as possible, to fill the time I have to fill. So I'm asking for requests.

I will write anything, there is no limit. I want to use this as a chance to test my writing abilities as well, so feel free to request ANYTHING you want. Even if you think it's a weird pairing, even if it's a scenerio you never dared to ask for. Do it anonymously if you're embarassed! I'm going to write it all, and post every single one here.

If you want a drabble, just tell me what you'd like it to be. Whether you want porn or snogging or gen, whether you want exploration of a character or a pairing. Whether you want 'Kanon kisses the entire world', or you want 'Simca jumps Ikki in the shower, and Ringo spies despite herself'. Or some story about young Wanijima brothers. Get the picture? :D

So, go forth, request! Make as little or many as you want - if one person wants to make ten requests, I don't mind at all. They'll all be up by June 15th, when I get back from my trip. :D
Tags: fanfics
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