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Air Treck

Air Gear Manga & Anime Community

Air Gear Manga & Anime community
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Air Gear
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MOD POST's n' Stuff
1) Link Collection
2) Entry Tag Collection
3) Download the raws
4) Media Post Locking Requirements

*Please use the TAGS. Write one word followed by a comma to describe what your post is about. If you're just declaring if you're new please put "welcome"!
*Please don't go overboard if you're advertising another Air Gear related website or LJ community. One entry is enough please.
*Contact Numi, the advertising mod, for permission BEFORE posting sales ads.
(more rules to come)</center>

air_treck is a LJ community for the manga/anime Air Gear and is just taking anything it can right now. Please join and post whatever you like.

    Ideas for posts:
  • Icons (posts and mood)

  • Fan art/fiction

  • Scans

  • Manga Scanlation updates

  • NEWS!

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